Our Success Stories

Berhan, Alemnesh and Temmar

Berhan, Alemnesh and Temar are three bright young professionals in the food industry who are making both their BHE family and their community proud by the day. The three were among the first teens who joined the BHE program as it was established in 2014, after the previous organization which helped them had closed. BHE worked hard to ensure their efforts towards the bright future they deserve. Today all three are carrying out at a top restaurant in Addis, on their paths to becoming successful self-reliant adults.

Berhan is a creative young man who has learned a lot from the challenges he faced. Reserved at first, he soon starts to excitedly talk about the future. A big smile flashes across his face when he reminisces about how far he has come and where he wants to go. Berhan lost both his parents and experienced street life after losing his mother at a very young age. His aunt then gave him a home, but Berhan struggled with school and dropped out. 

Despite facing many tough challenges as a young boy, since joining BHE and receiving psychosocial support through counseling and tutoring, he slowly developed into the bright young man he is now. Berhan has now overcome his challenges and found the motivation to build a better future for himself.

Berhan started hospitality training at Bahirzaf Training Center and and is now carrying out his internship in a top restaurant in Addis. Berhan is sharply focused on his future as well. Together with his friend and colleague, Temmar, who is also in the BHE program, Berhan is working on building their business plan of one day running their own restaurant.

Alemnesh is a joyful young woman who has come a long way. She too had lost both her parents, her father when she was young then her mother some years after. Alemnesh struggled to cope with the loss and had difficulty with her schooling. However, with the support of BHE, Alemnesh found a way to overcome her challenges. 

After experiencing factory work, Alemnesh chose to start hospitality training at Bahirzaf Training Center alongside Berhan and Temmar. She now works as a waitress at the same high end restaurant and her internship is going well. Alemnesh appreciates how far she has come, and she aspires to run her own business in the future.

Temmar is another bright young man who has been through a lot after losing both parents at an early age, Much like Berhan, Temmar moved from street life to institutions and struggled with his schooling. When joining BHE in 2014, Temmar lived in a safe home with another child in the program. With counseling and psychosocial support at BHE, Temmar grew from a withdrawn young boy to the confident and sociable young man with a smile that lights the world around him.

Temmar excelled at the Bahirzaf Training Center and became a top student. He is now undertaking his internship along with Berhan and Alemnesh. Temmar talks about not only their current success but how they want to give back to their community. He, Alemnesh and Berhan feel that the BHE family has enabled them reach this far and want to support and encourage the younger kids at BHE to also achieve their dreams.

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