Brave Hearts Ethiopia

Meet our founder


Konjit Yimer (Koni), Founding and Managing Director

Konjit Yimer, known to the Brave Hearts Ethiopia family as Koni, is a qualified and accredited Counsellor with a Bachelor degree in Counseling Psychology, Diploma of Applied Social Science (Psychology) from Australian College of Applied Psychology and a Diploma in Office Administration and Management from RMIT University. Koni is also currently studying to earn an MBA.


Koni founded Brave Hearts Ethiopia after witnessing the imminent closure of the NGO where she was volunteering due to administrative problems and disagreements between the donors and board members. Without hesitation, she signed for the licensing of Brave Hearts Ethiopia knowing God will care and provide when you step out in faith no matter how impossible it looks, Koni knows everything is possible with Him and believed - “He makes everything beautiful in its time” (Ecc. 3:11) despite all the trouble!

Over the last three years Koni has worked tirelessly to carry out the day to day operational mission of Brave Hearts. Through her guidance, both she and the staff have established and built Brave Hearts' reputation as one of the best run and most financially transparent local NGOs of its size in Ethiopia. In addition, Koni participates in board meetings as a key contributor to the strategic planning and vision of the organization.

koni and the kids hug.PNG