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Brave Hearts Ethiopia (BHE) is an NGO devoted to empowering orphaned and vulnerable children through our holistic care model, focus on quality education and effort to build a safe nourishing environment for them to thrive. BHE works to provide children and youth that have experienced significant physical, psychological, and socio-economic challenges with holistic care and services they need to succeed and blossom. BHE is currently supporting 46 children and youth as well as 44 guardians. BHE has benefited 1,315 children, guardians and community members in its work over the last five years.

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About Us

Who we are

Brave Hearts Ethiopia (BHE), is non-governmental organization (NGO) empowering Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC), enabling access to basic needs and creating opportunities to support OVC eventually to create productive citizens. Learn more.

What we do

Brave Hearts Ethiopia proudly supports children and young adults who had been Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC). BHE prides itself in knowing it provides a well-rounded care plan for each child and youth under its support. To ensure a bright future for those under our program we implement our services in a strategic manner from all aspects of life. Learn more.

What Makes Us Different

Our Holistic Care Model specifically aims to reduce vulnerability in order to ensure that factors that place the child at risk are eliminated. Brave Hearts not only supports the child but also ensures the environment around the child is safe, healthy and sustainable to allow the child to blossom and excel. Learn more.

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Our Projects

Education, Health Care, Micro Finance, Training


TUITION, Material and Tutorial Support

Brave Hearts provides the children it supports with tuition fees, school materials, and after-school tutorial support. We motivate all students for their academic success. Learn more

Library Services

Brave Hearts currently houses over 13,000 books in our library shelfs. Each book is didgitally coded and categorized. Children and youth are able to read at the drop in center or borrow using our electronic system. We also have leveled books. Learn more.


Nutrition, Sanitation, ACCESSIBILITY

Brave Hearts provides Health Care ServicesNutritional Services, Sanitation Support Projects, and Accessibility Provisions for the children, youth and guardians we support.

Micro Finance Assistance

We provide start up grants to the guardians of the children and youth supported by us. We believe that if the child’s guardians have financial security the child or youth will have a more sustainable environment to thrive in. Learn more.

Life Skills, IGA, and HIV/AIDS Training

Brave Hearts provides various trainings services to children and youth as well as their guardians to ensure that the children who graduate from the program have a sustainable future. This enables us to enrich the lives of the children and sustain the livelihood of the guardians. Learn more.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Brave Hearts ensures that the children it supports have the exposure to nature (field trips), social activities (arts, dance, tekwando lessons) and events (contests, gatherings) in the form of supervised group visits and tours where they safely gain new experiences and knowledge. Learn more.

Our Drop In Center

BHE Program Graduates  Photo Credit: Kelly Pryor

BHE Program Graduates

Photo Credit: Kelly Pryor

BHE Christmas and New Year Celebrations  Photo Credit: Yonas Taddese

BHE Christmas and New Year Celebrations

Photo Credit: Yonas Taddese