Library Services

Brave Hearts provides an overreaching library service where children can read and borrow books. Our library services include age appropriate and leveled books that are digitally coded into our database. We currently house over 13,000 books in our library shelfs. 

Children's Right to Access and Share Information

By Kellie Picker

Hand in hand with the Right for children to have an education is also their Right to get and share information. One way information can be absorbed is by having access to a broad range of literature. Along with providing a wealth of information, some of the benefits of books and reading include reducing stress, developing vocabulary and thinking, as well as exposing the reader to the realms of fantasy and actual worlds.

With the generosity of Dean Hanson, this Right has been realised for Brave Hearts’ children, with the donation of over 10,000 books; through Book for Africa. This has been further supported by Brave Hearts’ partners and now has a digital library system to keep track of all the books. The children’s excitement with the new and extensive library has been observed in one child carrying a copy of The Three Little Pigs and Goosebumps around since its opening and in Harry Potter being a popular title on the borrowing list.

Leveled Books for Tutorial Services

When the children and youth come to the drop in center for after school tutorial services; they are provided access to leveled books.  


Brave Hearts has child friendly and quiet spaces for children to do their reading. We have a tutorial room in addition to the library where the children can take out books and read. Children can also read in the open air garden to encourage and develop focused and enjoyable reading habits.


Brave Hearts has set up a digital borrowing system where children can take out books of their liking. The borrowed books will be digitally registered with their given code and placed in their appropriate shelf when returned. We ensure all our books are kept in prestine condition so they may be read by all children.