Soul of Africa - How Brave Hearts Are Changing Lives

By Rose Davis. Originally posted on 16 September 2016.

"The difference is as far as from the sky to the earth."  - Guardian with IGA support.

Many Ethiopian women continue to struggle to gain reliable employment in order to make ends meet  for their families. The need to care for their children, limited jobs, poor access to health care and the prevalence of girls not receiving education means that securing employment is a challenge faced by many women.

These challenges sit at the forefront of issues being addressed by organisations like the Brave Hearts Foundation. By sponsoring children to receive education and helping mothers to provide a safe home for their family, whilst actively supporting their path to reliable employment, Brave Hearts are helping to create a sustainable future. We’d like to share with you an interview with one of the mothers called Lady B as she tells her story. Her and her son, Yebeltal, are being supported by the Brave Hearts Foundation.

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