Training Services

Brave Hearts provides various trainings services to children and youth as well as their guardians to ensure that the children who graduate from the program have a sustainable future. This enables us to enrich the lives of the children and sustain the livelihood of the guardians.  


Life skills Training

For the children to lead a better life, social interaction plays a vital role hence their relationship should be respectful of each other and the rest of the community, keeping in mind the cultural values as an asset. Therefore, Brave Hearts provides a weekly Psycho Educational Group Training provided by trained professional social worker. In this activity special needs and disabled children are given due emphasis to ensure an inclusive environment where they participate and feel empowered.

Training on IGA, Business Skills, Saving and Credit

Providing training on income generating activities to assist the caregivers generates their own income hence empowering the families lead a better life. Training will be provided to guardians about small business management. In order to alleviate the shortage of capital saving today is a must to invest in the future. In this case training on saving and credit for OVC guardians is provided.


Training on Hiv/aids and healthcare

HIV/AIDS is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in Ethiopia, often targeting vulnerable groups such as children, girls and women. Brave Hearts provides continuous support through community conversation on HIV/AIDS provided by trained health care workers, social workers as well as in collaboration will government health extension workers. We cover transport costs and fees for the facilitators and resource personnel. Our training focuses on raising awareness on HIV/AIDS, reducing stigma and providing information on living with HIV/AIDS.