Meet Our Board

Almenesh Meshesha, Board Director

Alemnesh returned to her birth country Ethiopia after 30 years living abroad. She has a strong desire to support vulnerable children and the elderly. A qualified teacher who obtained Masters degree in education, with experience in management, finance and developmental psychology. Alemnesh wishes to give back to her birth country Ethiopia by supporting vulnerable children and community members.

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Kassahun Assefa currently as an Expansion Project Manager in the Private Sector and wishes to give back to his community bu supporting Brave Hearts Ethiopia.


Mesfin Teferra, Board Director

Mesfin is an Engineer and Entrepreneur working in the Private Sector. He has been supporting Brave Hearts since the organization started operations. He has strong heart to help children in need and passionate to see their future.



Kidist Eshetu is a successful entrepreneur with a deep passion to empower youth. She is well known for her hard work, integrity, competitiveness, growth-oriented mindset, and resourcefulness. Having worked in the real state in the US, she returned back home to Ethiopia to give back to her people while at the same time building a strong brand for her business venture.