Counseling Support

Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) and youth have experienced significant physical, psychological, and socio-economic challenges. These challenges create psychological problems that develop into factors that hinder them from leading a happy, successful and healthy life. The challenges resulting from past trauma, street life, abusive care among many others create physical, mental, behavioral and emotional disorders within the child or youth. Thus, Brave Hearts provides intensive individual and group counseling to children and youth under its care to mitigate the problems s/he faced and rehabilitate them into a healthy, successful life. 


The Benefits of Psychosocial support and therapy

We at Brave Hearts believe that if a child is given enough support, care and love there is no limit to where the child can reach overcoming his/her past problems. We have seen firsthand the changes in the lives of the children under our care through providing them this service. Please visit our Blog (link) for heartwarming stories on the journeys of our children.  

Individual COunseling

Brave Hearts offers individual counseling for the children and youth with therapy sessions, counseling and guidance. This service provides the child or youth with anchored support system where s/he can express and work through their concerns and feelings in a safe space.


Group Sessions

We organize group sessions with guardians to act as a support group helping them solve shared problems and learn from each other’s experiences. They discuss the opportunities and challenges they face as in raising their child as well as in engaging in income generating activities.