Brave Hearts Ethiopia

Meet our staff

BHE Staff and Volunteers

Konjit Yimer, Managing Director

 Konjit is the founder and managing director of Brave Hearts Ethiopia. Koni has a Bachelor degree in Counseling Psychology and Diploma of Applied Social Science (Psychology) from Australian College of Applied Psychology as well as a Diploma in Office Administration and Management from RMIT University. Koni is also currently studying to earn an MBA.


DAWIT DAMTE, Project Manager and Senior SOCIAL WORKER

Senior Social Worker, Dawit, who recently obtained his Masters Degree in Social Psychology, works with our children and guardians to ensure their psychosocial wellbeing. "Brave Hearts fulfills my passion to see children empowered and thriving."



Tigist works as the Assistant Social Worker helping the children supported by Brave Hearts Ethiopia in their psychosocial needs. She has received her first degree in Psychology.



Zebenay works as the Administration Officer and ensures that our children and guardians have the resources they need. She holds Bachelor degrees in Management and Accounting. 



Addisu is the Finance and Accounting Officer and has over 14 years of experience in the field. He has earned his MBA in General Management and BA in Accounting.


Tamrat Achamyeleh, Communication Manager

Tamrat is Brave Hearts' Communication Manager with over 14 years experience. He completed a Dip in Electronics Engineering (Kenya), BA in Theology (Adelaide, Australia), Bachelor of Social Work with honors (Melbourne, Australia) and is currently an doing MBA in Melbourne, Australia. 


Sharon Matthews Marshall, Child sponsorship coordinator (volunteer)

Sharon serves as BHE’s Child Sponsorship Officer (volunteer).  Her experience varies from her first position as legal secretary to office administration/management, to communications officer to protocol officer.  She and her husband George, now both retired, who have sponsored numerous children worldwide and visited most, currently sponsor three children through Brave Hearts Ethiopia.  


Eden Binega, Computer and literacy Support

Eden provides computer and literacy support for the children. 




Saron Alemu provides volunteer tutorial support for the children and volunteers as well as volunteering as a librarian. 



Rahel Moges is an experienced librarian who has over 10 years experience, with a strong commitment to supporting children and standardizing our library system.  “Books are the sources of wisdom."


Kellie Picker, Educational development and support, (VOLUNTEER)

Kellie Picker M.Ed, Honours is a Clinical Specialist and a PhD Candidate. She supports Brave Hearts' educational program and staff training to develop effective literacy and numeracy teaching techniques.


Gregory M. Donoghue, Volunteer (Educational development and support)

Gregory has a strong desire to help children develop to their full potential, particularly in literacy and child protection. He is currently a PhD candidate. He is passionate about child protection and helping children in need. He led the development of Brave Hearts Ethiopia's revised Child Protection Policy.


Tsige Gebreyohanes, Volunteer

Tsige has a background in youth health, education and management. She has been volunteering at Brave Hearts Ethiopia since early 2015. “Brave hearts makes a positive change not just for the children now but their future careers in a greater community”


Frezer Wood-Burgess, Volunteer 

Frezer has a background in design and marketing. He has has been volunteering at Brave Hearts Ethiopia since early 2015. “Just watching these kids build confidence in their future is such a great thing to witness”


Helen Melese, Volunteer (Wellness and Nutrition)

Helen has volunteered and dedicated many volunteer hours of her valuable expertise in the establishment of Brave Hearts' Library and After School Healthy Snack Program. She has a background is in law and business and works as a nutritionist and wellness consultant.