What Makes Us Different

Brave Hearts prides itself in knowing it provides a well-rounded care plan for each child and youth under its support. To ensure a bright future for those under our program we implement our services in a strategic manner from all aspects of life. 

Holistic Care model

Our holistic care model specifically aims to reduce vulnerability in order to ensure that factors that place the child at risk are eliminated. Brave Hearts not only supports the child but also ensures the environment around the child is safe, healthy and sustainable to allow the child to blossom and excel. 

Risk Assessment Tools

Brave Hearts applies risk assessment tools to weed out any factors that affect the child negatively such as an unhealthy environment, inaccessible facilities, dysfunctional care provisions, and inadequate basic services.

sustainablity approach

Apart from support on basic needs, we provide much needed counseling and psychosocial support to the child or youth and his or her guardians. This model provides us with a high success rate at rehabilitating the child and his/her environment to a healthy surrounding where s/he can thrive.