Lemma Wins Second Place and Shines at Local School Competition!

Lemma with the Trophy he Won for SOT.jpg

Last Friday, Lemma and his classmate represented their school as top performers in a local civics question and answer competition among 21 high schools. They emerged among the top four finalists competing in front of local officials, heads of schools, teachers, guests, family and friends.

The results were announced, Lemma and his teammate had won second place for their school! Lemma was recognized for his strong general knowledge, verbal reasoning, analytical skills, communications skills and his confidence. His teacher expressed the school's pride in him and his success marked a huge success for both School of Tomorrow and Brave Hearts Ethiopia.

“I’m so happy!" Lemma stated cheerfully, "I share my happiness with all my Brave Hearts family who believed in me and supported me".

Lemma, Teammate and SOT with Certificates.jpg

“I’m so happy for Lemma! He is always reading in the car and representing his school along a top student has inspired him. Lemma has come a long way from a boy filled with anger who often refused to go to school, to the happy, grateful and successful boy he now is. This shows the immeasurable impact that the Brave Hearts program has had on his life.” Lemma’s driver Danni joyfully expressed.

Lemma Awarded at BHE.jpg

At BHE's Saturday Session the next day, he was awarded a watch and the other children in the program congratulated him. "I felt so proud of him!" stated Dawit, BHE's Senior Social Worker who has supported Lemma over the years, "Our team has been able to witness him overcome so much and grow into the amazing young man he is today"

Needless to say, it was heart-warming to see Lemma truly shining and happy as he chatted with his friends after the competition. BHE’s achievements are measured by the most vital points of proof: the happiness and well-being of every child we support.

BHE thanks its partner School of Tomorrow (SOT) for providing Lemma with a full sponsorship in his preparatory academic years. SOT is an excellent private school with high standards of education.

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