Soul of Africa - Catching up with Brave Hearts

By Rose Davis. Originally posted on 10 August 2016. 

2016 has been off to a flying start, and the organisation is filled with positivity and a strong sense of community. The garden continues to flourish and many of the children take responsibility for tending to the fruits and vegetables – with the promise of tucking into some yummy home grown snacks at the end of the day!

The focus of Soul of Africa’s funding has been aimed at the Brave Hearts’ self-sufficiency initiatives. Brave Hearts hosts the Guardian Income Generating Activity (IGA) – a project that provided small loans to women, enabling them to set up businesses that provide a means for self-sufficiency. This year they are proud to announce that they have been registered to the government’s IGA administration authority, receiving a work permit certificate and showing they are officially recognised! The guardians working with the project continue to receive training in business and are preparing for work in coming months. We wish them the best of luck and have absolute faith in their ability to have compete success for the future!

The organisation’s tutorial service has been focusing on preparation for national exams and 8 young girls have been supported in their studies by some wonderful volunteers. Their work has seen the girls’ self-esteem blossom and have true confidence in their abilities.

The Library continues to expand and the charity is thrilled to be introducing a new digital system that will help them keep track on all of the books that have been so generously donated. Shortage of books is a chronic issue throughout Ethiopia, so it’s a real treat to have such a collection available for all of the children!

The organisation’s older beneficiaries also continue to flourish – with students who have gone to study at university retaining strong connections. They have been working very hard and learned some valuable lessons along the way, a story that they happily share with the younger children and staff members. They are an inspiration to their younger peers and a demonstration of what can be achieved!

We’d like to send our warmest congratulations to all of the wonderful individuals who have made the Brave Hearts Organisation a reality! We are so impressed by your incredible work and hope we can do all we can do help you continue into the future.

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